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To simplify digital marketing and empower businesses to thrive online.


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Trade frustration for more coffee breaks

Feeling overwhelmed with digital marketing or your website?

If you’re tired of spending countless hours trying to navigate the complexities of the digital world then I can help. Market Me is here to help you regain precious time and the freedom to focus on what you do best – your business.

As your dedicated digital growth partner, I understand the challenges of balancing your digital presence with running a business. I’m here to simplify your life, so you can enjoy those coffee breaks.

Dylan Edwards
Grit Workforce Limited

Your Digital Growth Partner

Erica Campbell

With years of hands-on experience, you’re in safe hands with me. I’m here to help you grow and improve your digital presence. My mission is to empower small businesses to grow and succeed in the online space.

I’ve worn many hats throughout my career, gaining experience in branding, communications, advertising, video production, marketing, digital marketing, and website building. My journey has taken me from agency to business settings, where I’ve worked with clients across various sectors in New Zealand and Fiji.

Digital Marketing Specialist from Market Me

How it works



Begin your journey with Market Me by reaching out to discuss digital marketing or website building services.


Discovery Call​

Next, we schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to dive into your goals and challenges, ensuring a perfect fit for your needs.



Following the call, a tailored proposal outlining strategies and services is created. Expect transparency on what is on offer.



Once you’re happy and on board with the proposal, the contract is sent out to formalise our partnership.


Welcome & Onboarding​

A warm welcome awaits, making your transition seamless. You’ll receive essential information and a clear roadmap.


Start Work​

It’s time to get started! A project plan will be created and work will begin.

Ready to find out if Market Me is the right fit?

Book a free 30-minute discovery call and let’s explore how we can empower your online journey.

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