Grit Workforce Limited Website Design

Grit Workforce Limited wanted to enhance their digital reach in the labour hire and skilled resource sector. They needed a website that would inform and attract both potential clients and job seekers. It was essential that the website be user-friendly and search engine optimised.

Market Me played a vital role in supporting the Grit Workforce team throughout the website development process. Simplifying the technical language, while still delivering what they needed. The initial consultation unearthed their specific pain points and pinpointed exactly what their business really needed – a streamlined, simple user-friendly website that even they could easily update themselves.

This collaborative effort, allowed Market Me to assist and empower the Grit Workforce team to have an online presence they understood and could continuously update on their own.

Design Mockups

To effectively deliver Grit Workforce’s brand vision and create a cohesive website design, simple design mockups were developed as a starting point. These initial mockups played a crucial role as a foundation. It helped us to solidify and fine-tune the desired look and feel, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing user experience.

The design direction adhered to a darker style and theme, perfectly resonating with Grit’s brand identity. This choice not only maintained alignment but also intensified the core essence of grit throughout the design.

The End Result – The Finished Product

With a well-crafted information architecture in place, Market Me seamlessly incorporated the provided image assets, weaving them into the designed WordPress template pages. Through dedicated and meticulous development, the website came to life, displaying a harmonious blend of design and functionality.

The final result, a website that was easy to navigate and provided visitors with all the information they need about Grit Workforce’s services and how to contact the company. The website is also optimised for SEO, which will help Grit Workforce attract more potential clients and employees.

The final outcome? A user-friendly website that effortlessly guides visitors through a customised designed WordPress website. The website pages were thoughtfully structured to provide in-depth insights into Grit Workforce’s services and offer streamlined contact options. Notably, the website boasts SEO optimisation, strategically elevating Grit Workforce’s visibility online to potential clients and job seekers.

Market Me provided wordpress website design and building, SEO and Online Marketing Strategy services.

“We couldn’t be happier with Market Me’s service! Erica offered great advice and direction to compliment our website ideas and we’re thrilled with the result. We would be happy recommending her services to anyone.”

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