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Pasifika Communications Website Re-design

Pasifika Communications an advertising and production company based in the beautiful islands of Fiji, needed to update and enhance their website. They needed a website re-design that would attract and engage their audience, as well as showcase the impressive wide range of client work that they’ve produced. The project was a comprehensive undertaking that involved strategy, planning, design, content improvements and more.

The Challenge

Pasifika Communications recognised the increasing significance of establishing a strong online presence but faced time constraints, primarily due to their focus on delivering effective client video, design, and social media projects. To bridge this gap and empower their teams, they turned to Market Me’s expertise. Their goal was to revamp their website with a fresh and modern design that could more effectively highlight their services and portfolio. Additionally, Pasifika aimed to enhance user engagement and overall user experience on their site. This multifaceted challenge involved the need for a strategic transformation, an appealing visual re-design, and the capability to independently manage their content.

The Solution

Strategy & Planning

Every successful project starts with a solid plan. I worked closely with different departments within the client’s company to understand their needs and goals. This allowed me to develop a strategic plan for the website redesign that aligned with their business objectives.


Pasifika Communications’ in-house Graphic Design Team created a visually appealing design for what they wanted for their website. But, it wasn’t optimised or had a clear user journey. So, Market Me re-jigged the design and optmised the content and user journey. The new design is modern, clean and perfectly encapsulated Pasifika’s brand identity. The site was optimised for the user experience and search engines, ensuring their services and portfolio would shine.

Content Improvements

Content is king, and this project was no exception. I worked with the Pasifika team to improve the existing website copy and portfolio copy, making it more engaging and SEO-friendly. I also added new content to provide more information about the client’s services and industry expertise.

Project Management

Managing a project of this scale required careful coordination and communication. I worked closely with the Pasifika team to ensure that all tasks were completed on time and within budget, liaising between different departments to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Training and Empowerment

One of the client’s requests was to be able to manage and upload content to the website themselves. So, empowering the agency was a top priority. To facilitate this, I conducted training sessions to familiarise them with WordPress’s CMS. This empowered them to keep their website updated with their latest work and news.

The Result

The improved website has become a small reflection of their capabilities, with a beautifully designed website and an extensive portfolio. With strategic insights and training, Pasifika has been able to take control of their online narrative, engaging with their audience and consistently showcasing their creative prowess.


Market Me is thrilled to have played a pivotal role in this digital transformation journey, amplifying the online presence of Pasifika Communications. The revamped website and empowering training have positioned them as a thriving force in the digital landscape. I look forward to seeing how they use their new digital platform to showcase their incredible work and grow their business. This project is a testament to my commitment to empowering businesses for digital success.

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